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At Conwy Brewery we produce a range of cask & bottle conditioned ales suitable for all tastes & occasions. We use soft water from the mountains of Snowdonia, malts from Bairds' of Lincolnshire & hops from around the world. No artificial ingredients are used and the all the beers are naturally carbonated with no filtering or pasteurisation. Our bottled beers are suitable for vegetarians.


We have 4 brands.

Conwy ales, very popular ales available all year designed to have broad appeal - the best in British real ale styles.  

Seasonal ales - special beers available at different times of year adding a bit of variety to what we do.  

West Coast - Showcasing modern beer styles. Availabity varies but we usually try to have at least one from the range.

Small batch brews - Limited edition brews where we try something new each month, could be a new beer style, new hops or something from the archive



Conwy Ales


Available all year

The taste: Orange, citrus/malt aroma with sweet, malty/nutty finish.  


The occasion: Social drink with friends celebrating the winning team!  


With food: Light lunches such as Ploughman's and Pork pies.



Welsh Pride

ABV 4%



The taste: Tropical fruit aromas followed by sweet malts & a gentle bitter/hoppy aftertaste.


The occasion: Ultimate thirst quencher after a day on the mountains!  


With food: Good with curry & other Asian dishes.

Clogwyn Gold

ABV 3.6%



The taste: Delicate grapefruit flavours followed by a crisp, dry finish.



The occasion: A light easy going session ale for drinking when you don't want something to heavy.

With  Food: Good with Fish/Seafood & light vegetarian dishes



The taste: Honey aromas, soft bitterness & clean tasting finish.  


The occasion: Ideal for drinking with a barbecue in the garden, whatever the weather!  


With food: Anything with Honey. Fish & Seafood.

Honey Fayre

ABV 4.5%



The taste: Floral aromas followed by a long lasting sweet malty finish with hints of burnt caramel.  


The occasion: When something more substantial & full bodied is called for!  


With food: Roast dinner.


ABV 4.5%  



The taste: Gentle floral aromas followed by herbal/heather character with a malty finish.  


The occasion: First brewed by villagers of Minera, fantastic for any social gathering, a real talking point!  


With food: Hearty British fare - herby stews & casseroles.



Minera Mountain

ABV 4.3%

Amber - Bottle Only





The taste: Enticing floral aromas with some citrus followed by a sweet malt finish.

Scrum Down

ABV 4%





The taste: Citrusy aromas with roasted malt character and a bitter finish.

Autumn Red

ABV 4.5%



The taste: Dark malt flavours and dried fruits, liquorice & burnt caramel coming through in a long warming finish.

Telford Porter

ABV 5.6%




The taste: Honey & roast malt flavours balanced by a sweet malty moreish finish & a less heavy body than the Telford Porter.

Honey Porter

ABV 4.9%

Dark brown



The taste: Hoppy aroma followed by herbal/lemon notes. Very refreshing.

Hoppy Christmas

ABV 4.3%







Modern Beers

Beer style: Citrus Blonde.


The taste: Delicious citrus hoppy aromas with a good balance of sweet malt & rounded bitterness.


ABV 4.4%



Beer style: Black IPA


The taste: Full hoppy aroma followed by moderate bitterness and some dark malt character.



ABV 4.3%



Beer style: American IPA


The taste: Very hoppy with citrus hop followed by malty/biscuity flavours & a long satisfying bitter finish.

San Francisco

ABV 5.5%  



Surfin' IPA

ABV 4.8%


Beer syle: American IPA


The taste: Fruity hops on the nose with full flavoured bitterness.  

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Beachcomber Blonde

ABV 4.2%



   Small Batch Brews



November: Fireside Ale, ABV 5%. Last brewed in 2005,      fondly remembered by those who new it. A rich, dark ruby ale with a moreish  flavour.


December: Imperial Russian Stout, ABV 8.5%. The strongest beer we've brewed. Full of flavour, roasted malt to the fore      with plenty of malt to balance. Available  in limited outlets only  in cask & bottle, call to check!


We are working on the list for 2017 now, this will be available soon.